About us


At 96StudioCreation, we believe that the digitalization of the future will contribute to a larger framework giving the target group an opportunity to get closer to the companies.

According to us, the key to success is to enter collaborations wholeheartedly. When we launched 96StudioCreation, it exceeded all our expectations which resulted in many visits from a wide range of companies and influencers. Since then, we have had pop up shops in many different Danish cities. We have a great desire to host more similar events in the future both on a smaller and larger scale.

Our small events consists of influencer or company meet-ups where you get plenty of opportunity to network.


My name is Charmaine Lago, and I am the founder of 96StudioCreation & Content Agency – a PR and marketing bureau offering professional strategies to help market your brand, create strong content, and reach more potential customers. Apart from being the founder, I act as an art director and a creative consultant.

The team

Charmaine Lago

Founder, CEO & Art Director

Dea Cosmus

HR Boss & Administration

Gigi Jørgensen

Content Creator

Maria Radu

Content Creator

Olga Sophia

Content Creator Intern

Maggie Wang

Content Creator Intern & PA

Marta Adamczak

Content Creator Intern