Unify Underwear:

It has truly been a pleasure working with 96StudioCreation. Charmaine is incredibly well organized, and she is especially talented when it comes to hosting an unforgettable event. The team behind Unify Underwear has a great interest in working with Le Lago Vétements and 96StudioCreation in the future.

Simone Dahl, CEO, and co-founder of Unify Underwear.


Magnus van Soest:

My collaboration with Charmaine was very enjoyable! Everything from Charmaine’s cheerful energy to her professional approach and keen eye for detail laid the foundation for a fantastic shoot with fantastic results. She is experienced in her work and surrounds herself with talented and energetic assistants and people within this field of business (photographers, makeup artists etc.). I know for sure that this won’t be the last collaboration I initiate with Charmaine.

Magnus van Soest, designer.



We have worked with 96StudioCreation multiple times on several occasions from photoshoots, lookbooks and SoMe sparring. Our teamwork has been inspiring, well-structured, and heartwarming to say the least. Charmaine has a crucial overview in important situations and her aesthetic sense is essential. Finally, she understands how to communicate our “tone of voice” – 96StudioCreation receives my warmest recommendations.

Louise, CEO TandBasta.


Louise Vedstesen:

Charmaine is incredibly talented and passionate about her work. She doesn’t shy away from sharing her techniques and experiences. All in all, she is a very inspiring person to be around, and it is truly a pleasure working with her at 96StudioCreation on a daily basis.


Camilla Krøyer Jewellery:

I can’t praise this woman enough for her work, execution, and commitment. She’s incredibly inspiring – she dedicates herself fully to the given assignment, which leaves you surprised and satisfied every time. I look forward to our future collaborations. Charmaine is without question the most talented in this business due to her extreme passion and love for her craft. I thank her genuinely.


Mith Magazine

Charmaine is one of the most genuine, sincere, and kind-hearted women in fashion that I have ever worked with. She is also driven, ambitious and creative. What’s not to like about Charmaine.

Holly Glasser, CEO and editor in chief of Mith Magazie.


Nathja Follin

When I think about Charmaine, “boss lady” is the first thing that comes to my mind. I have never met a more hardworking and goal-oriented woman than her. She is incredibly inspiring to work with and her cheerful personality rubs off. I’m certain that we will be collaborating again one way or another.

Nathja Follin, SoMe Intern 2020, PR- og kommunikationsansvarlig


Cecilie Bønneløcke

I was lucky to do an internship at Lé Lago. The two and a half months were very purposeful and educational as I got to take part in creating the new collection. Generally, I was involved in most of the daily tasks which made me more aware of how a small, but fast-growing business is working. The internship made me realize how a designer works at a certain brand and I can really use this experience later as I finish my education as a design tech. I’m very grateful that I got to work with the best team at Lé Lago including the CEO Charmaine – she welcomed me with open arms and our teamwork turned out to be great. She is an incredibly hardworking and independent woman who make things happen with ease.

Cecilie Bønnelycke, Intern 2020, design assistant.


Stine Sandermann

Charmaine is a lovely bomb of energy who always inspires and impresses me with her brave heart, purposefulness, and professional approach. I strongly recommend working with her!

Stine Sandermann, founder of Sandermann



Charmaine is one of the most inspiring people I have ever encountered. I am extremely honored and grateful to be a part of 96StudioCreation. Besides being a very lovely and likeable person, Charmaine makes sure to share her experience with her coworkers, which contributes to personal development.

Carmen, intern 2021


CJ London

Charmaine is 100 percent reliable. She always comes through with her wonderful energy and commitment to making sure the job at hand is always perfect! 96StudioCreation has been great at understanding who we are as a brand and creating fun and captivating social media films for us – Charmaine’s energy and commitment is amazing – she is truly a delight to work with in every sense! Charmaine really is one of the most amazing women to work with, as her energy and loyalty to her job is her force. We love working with her and Lé Lago Consulting and would highly recommend her skills to anyone looking to get their brand out there!

Claire Ross Brown, Founder of CJ London.


Zoega Jewellery

I had the pleasure of working with Charmaine during a campaign shoot for my brand. Charmaine assembled a team of very talented people, all of whom were a joy to work with. Her visual flair and planning enabled me to focus 100 percent on my products in a secure and cozy setting. The result was even better than I had dreamed of, and I would love to work with 96StudioCreation in the future.

Pernille Zoega, founder of Zoega Jewellery.


Depend Cosmetics

Charmaine is such a talented and creative person who is fully dedicated to her work. We have been very satisfied with the different collaborations we have had with her and the fantastic team at 96StudioCreation. The communication never fails, and the results always live up to our expectations. I can only give my warmest recommendations if you are considering working with 96StudioCreation!

Stephanie Ton, PR manager, Depend Cosmetics.


Leve Copenhagen

For us, it has always been successfully collaborating with Charmaine. She has been a major help and support for us, especially as a newly started brand with ambitions. Repeatedly, Charmaine has delivered blown-away results above all expectations. She always puts the clients first and her talent really shows in her work. She is a big inspiration to our brand due to her creative mind. Lastly, Charmaine is an all-around lovely person to be around – we can highly recommend working with her if you wish to be left with a cool and unique result. If you expect the service to be graded 10, Charmaine will deliver to 100.

Vi and Emma, leve.copenhagen



Our collaborative work with Charmaine and her team has been fantastic! It has completely exceeded all our expectations. She is a visual genius who gets it right every single time. When shooting, she leaves the customer stress-free due to her professionalism and hardworking manners. Our work with 96StudioCreation has truly been the best which is why we highly recommend other brands to consider working with them.

Sophia Brown.


Diaz Jewellery

At Diaz Jewellery, we have been incredibly happy to collaborate with 96StudioCreation. Charmaine is super talented and hardworking. She delivered great results when shooting our second collection and she really accommodated our needs and wishes. Furthermore, we are honored and grateful to be represented in the showroom side by side with other inspiring brands.

Isabella Diaz, founder and designer, Diaz Jewellery


Cattire Studio

Cattire Studio has had the true pleasure of working with Charmaine and 96StudioCreation in relation to a photoshoot and the planning thereof. There only exists a few places where you meet such flexible planning and high-quality sparring. Charmaine and her team get our warmest recommendations, and we look forward to more exciting projects in the future.

Mathilde Ravn, founder of Cattire.